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Fresh 2022 Movie Plot: Noa, a youthful woman trying her hand at online courting, has come decreasingly disabused with dates due to the men she interacts with not having general decency. One day at the supermarket, a man named Steve flirts with her and they change figures. On their first date, the two snappily hit it off and have coitus. After several dates, Steve invites Noa for a weekend break down alone with him. Against the advice of her stylish friend Mollie, Noa agrees to the trip. Planning to travel beforehand the following day, Noa spends the evening at Steve’s luxury home. Latterly, the two share a blend. Steve medicines Noa’s drink and she falls unconscious.

Noa wakes up in prison, chained to the ground. Steve explains that he’s a butcher of mortal meat and that he harvests woman’s body corridors and sells them to fat guests for consumption. He notes that he’ll keep her alive as long as possible in order to keep her” meat” fresh. Steve allows Noa to take a shower, but she uses it to escape, egging Steve to surgically remove her buttocks as a discipline. Latterly, Noa befriends another woman named Penny, also being held interned in a conterminous room.

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Fresh 2022 movie

Meanwhile, Mollie becomes concerned about Noa’s exposure and begins probing with her friend Paul, a bartender who concurrently served Noa and Steve drinks on their first date. Searching online, Mollie discovers Steve is actually a man named Brendan and is married to a woman named Ann with whom he has children. Believing he’s having an affair, Mollie visits Ann and informs her of her reservations. During their discussion, Brendan arrives, and when brazened by Mollie denies any knowledge of Noa. As she leaves, Mollie calls Noa’s phone which begins ringing in Brendan’s fund. Ann revealed to be Brendan’s abettor, knocks Mollie out unconscious.

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Hours latterly, Brendan invites Noa to regale after she out-handily asks what mortal meat tastes like. He persuades her to taste a mess containing the meat, disguised as spaghetti and meatballs, which she reluctantly does. After returning Noa to her cell, Brendan takes Mollie down for harvesting. Seeing a connection with Noa, Brendan invites her to another regale, furnishing her with a pink dress as a gift. Following regale, Noa persuades Brendan to have coitus with her, where she pretends to perform fellatio on him and rather bites off his testicles. With Brendan in pursuit, Noa runs and helps Mollie and Penny escape from their apartments.
The three hassle Brendan in the kitchen and begin fighting him, during which Mollie kicks him, knocking him out. They escape into the forestland, with Brendan pursuing them with a gun. They manage to attack him again, with Noa taking the gun and firing Brendan dead. Ann arrives at the house and finds Brendan’s body. She encounters Noa in the forestland and tries to strangle her, but Mollie bludgeons her to death with a shovel. As she and Mollie relax at a near tree, Noa receives a textbook from a man she went out with at the morning of the film.


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